The Carter Everage Fellowship

The Carter Everage Fellowship was established on January 19, 2012 during a Board of Trustees meeting for the camp. It was created to honor Carter Everage, a former International Director, past District Governor, past Vice District Governor, and one of the original board members of Camp Woodsmoke. PID Carter Everage (then DG Carter Everage) was a driving force behind the creation of this wonderful place we call Camp Woodsmoke. With visionaries like Norm Brennan and Carter Everage, the land was purchased and the camp was created. Now, almost 50 years later, the camp continues to be a great project for the District 25-F Lions and a great place to show the community what being a lion is all about.

The Carter Everage/Camp Woodsmoke Fellowship is a one-time donation of $500 or more to Camp Woodsmoke. This amount can be given by any individual or group (if given by a group only a single name can be added to the fellowship). The donor will receive a plaque from Camp Woodsmoke with their name on it, and their name will be engraved on a permanent plaque hung in the dining hall at camp.

Any donors who gifted within the first year of the Carter Everage/Camp Woodsmoke Fellowship (January 19, 2012-January 31, 2013) were considered Charter Fellows and celebrated as such on the permanent plaque at Camp Woodsmoke. Donors from subsequent years are noted as Fellows. This award is a way to recognize long-time members of your club, an outstanding Lion, or any individual.

Download the Carter Everage Fellowship donation form here