Make a Gift: Support Camp Woodsmoke

The Trust Indenture Fund

The Trust Indenture Fund for Camp Woodsmoke is held in a separate account. Money that is placed in this trust provides ongoing support for the camp without being consumed. Instead, interest from the fund is used to run camp operations. One way to make provisions for a lasting legacy is to include the following statement in your well (a bequest):

“I give, devise, and bequeath to the Lions Camp District 25-F, Inc. Trust Indenture Fund, the sum of ________ dollars to be used by its Board of Trustees as it deems advisable for the benefit of Camp Woodsmoke.”

Life Insurance Proceeds

Many individuals who may not expect to leave an estate of their own, may still be able to leave a significant legacy to benefit Camp Woodsmoke through an existing life insurance policy. This is especially true where the donor may already own a “paid up” life insurance policy for which they no longer have a specific need within their own family. To make such a donation, ask your life insurance agent to name the Lions Camp District 25-F, Inc. (Trust Indenture Fund) as the beneficiary of the policy.

Other Options

An even simpler option for leaving your legacy at Camp Woodsmoke is to write a check or transfer ownership of assets to the Trust Indenture Fund of Lions Camp District 25-F, Inc.

Note: In many instances, individuals may own stock or participating insurance products that have appreciated significantly during their lifetimes and for which the gifting of those assets to a charitable organization can greatly reduce their personal income tax exposure. Please contact your tax accountant/attorney for details regarding your personal tax situation, and consider making a gift to Lions Camp District 25-F, Inc.